City Tower Casino
City Tower Casino

City Tower Casino is Not A Scam

City Tower Casino strives to provide its players with a fair and secure third party monitored gaming environment. City Tower Online Casino is licensed by the gaming commission of the government of The Netherlands Antilles, and is constantly tested by various finance and accounting firms so any diversion from the nature of our operations and services would result in an immediate and irreversible license cancellation.

There is no City Tower Casino Scam and as matter of fact there cannot be one. All of City Tower Casino Games outcomes and results are determined by a random number generator which is a separate hardware block connected to our computer network to make sure randomality is 100% at all times.  We also hire the services of leading accounting and auditing firms to regularly test our casino and billing systems to prevent any margin for a City Tower Casino Scam. These firms follow our payout statistics and monetary transactions history to ensure our compliance with the concept of fair gaming.

We keep history logs of money transactions and each and every game ever played in addition to wagered amounts at each game. Any player can monitor us a contact us or warn us in case a suspicion has risen regarding the integrity of our casino.

A City Tower Casino Scam is also possible on the player’s side, where accounts are hijacked and stolen credit cards details are used to open fake accounts. More than we put our efforts in making sure we comply with the strict regulations of the gaming commission, we put our efforts in preventing fraudsters from damaging the integrity of our customer’s accounts and our casino operations and systems. We apply a highly secured gaming environment and an even more secured money transactions protocols to prevent any fraud or scam from being conducted at our backyard. We may ask our customers for identifying documents and will show no tolerance in case a customer is flagged as suspicious.

Above and beyond any will to keep our operation legit, we recognize the massive damage a presumed City Tower Casino Scam might inflict on our business so rest assure we do everything in our power to prevent any City Tower Scam from ever occurring in our casino.

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