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City Tower Casino constantly evolves, replacing City Tower Casino Games and coming up with new and improved ways to administrate and operate our casino in the best way possible and with minimum setbacks. We issue ongoing City Tower Promotions which benefit all our players VIP and regular alike. Whether you like to play City Tower Blackjack or City Tower Video Poker, keen on getting the best bonuses offered or wish to know what goes on in your favorite casino, follow City Tower News and we guarantee you’ll benefit from it.

To Keep up with the dynamic nature of our casino, follow our City Tower News where we announce new City Tower Casino Games letting you know which games are gone for good and which new exciting games are now available, declare jackpot tournaments, list new and ongoing promotions from which you can benefit and post general news related to our casino.

Every player should follow on City Tower News and review them for the latest offers and promotions. We distribute them by mail once a month to all of our players active and inactive alike in order to let all players know about the great gaming opportunities which awaits them at City Tower Casino. You can choose whether to receive the City Tower News update or not but we highly recommend that you do as even a brief glance can expose you to a set of promotions just to your liking, or a new game you’ve been waiting for a long time to be featured on City Tower Casino.

To sign up for our City Tower News service and to get more info about playing City Tower Casino, Contact Us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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