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November 2013 Promotions

It’s already November and in just a few days, you will be experiencing rain showers that will make your days a little colder and wet. Although this weather is perfect for extending your stay in bed for hours, we have come up with ways to keep you from dozing off. And we’re starting it with our City Tower Casino November 2013 Promotions.

With our latest promotions, you will definitely be awake the whole day as we’re going to bombard you with truckloads of cash and prizes that you surely love to have! So if you’re planning to bury yourself with pillows, then you might want to think again and start playing all the adrenalin-packed and exciting games in our online casino. Keep it right here at City Tower Casino and you will be rewarded generously starting today for the whole month of November!

Watch out for the games that we feature every week as these will bring you lots of amazing rewards that are vital in pushing your bankroll to higher levels. Once you see our featured games, make sure to play them right away to unlock bonuses and prizes that will give you free spins and free extra playing credits. Play them to your heart’s content and watch your account get filled with bonus codes all waiting to be redeemed.

When you play these games, you also become entitled to receive our special bonus codes that will shower you with deposit match bonuses the next time you fund your account. Expect to win up to 50% match bonus when you become one of the lucky players to receive these special codes.

There’s no doubt that you will never want to return to sleep once you have had the taste of our City Tower Casino November 2013 Promotions. So get started now and play in our casino today! But in case you’re not yet registered with us, simply click here to create your account now.